It can be so hard to be a woman sometimes, let alone a mother and wife.
That's why I am reaching out, I want to talk to you about Skin Care, Hair Care and Cosmetics. I look forward to your responses, I want opinions and conversation. A fun place to chat. So please feel free to leave a comment I'd love to hear from you!

Again, thank you for stopping by, I hope this will be the start of a beautiful friendship!

Have an amazing day!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Big Secret No One Tells You!

Hair, hair, hair. We all want that perfect style, the perfect bangs, the perfect texture. We straighten, we blow dry, we curl, we pomade is to death. Our poor hair and the things it goes through to make us happy!!

I don't really like using heat on my hair, we know it's bad for the hair don't we? I wanted a way to style my hair, specifically my grown out side bangs. I liked sweeping them to the side but they always fell into my face, blew everywhere when I was outside. And any time I put a product in them they just looked stringy or greasy, no matter how lightly I put it in. So I started searching, for a way to make my hair smoother and shinier without heat or product. It's a very short list! So I skipped all the heat and product talk, and I came across this brush. They say this brush helps smooth and add shine to any type of hair. I ran to Sally's Beauty Supply and looked at the boar bristle brushes. They say they will help smooth hair by smoothing the sebum (oil) from your scalp and spread it over the rest of your hair, adding moisture, shine and smoothness.

Ready for the secret? The thing that no one tells you, even the manufacturers of the boar bristle brushes? They help you style! I don't know if it is the bristles themselves, or the oil from your scalp but using these brushes on my side swept bangs helps to stick them in place and they look shiny and not greasy! So if you would like your side swept bangs to stay in place, look shiny but not greasy and just perfect!

This is what I have discovered so if you want shiny hair that is a little smoother and a style or bangs that stay in place, grab a boar bristle brush!

Remember to use only on dry hair, and use a brush to detangle your hair first, the boar bristle is for shine and smoothness, not to detangle. Be good to your hair!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Protein Ho!

I have been looking for ways to change my diet that will still taste good and keep me full also giving me energy. And because I have such a picky palette I have decided to try protein powders since the protein is good for weight loss and building muscle.

Of course since I sell health and nutrition products I am going to use my own. I'll be ordering the powder in the next month or so and I will start posting weekly results, pounds lost, workouts and etc.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fitness: Clean House?

I don't know about you but a dirty house drives me nuts!

After having my baby my apartment just got out of control! Well, today I didn't really feel like working out, but I wanted to do something, so I decided to clean. I don't mean just put away some dishes and toss the dirty clothes into a basket. I'm talking hands and knees scrubbing of my kitchen floor! Also, after I finish here, I plan on scrubbing my entry way. The way my apartment is set up there is a small patch of tile right in front of the door, then carpet. The only other tile is in the kitchen and bathroom.
Are you big like me? Is scrubbing hard on your knees? Well, what I do is wear old clothes I don't mind getting dirty, I sit on the floor at the farthest part of the tile I am cleaning. I have a pot filled with hot water and sanitizer/cleaner (Pursue brand, I will post the link at the end of this entry!). I clean in a line, I scrub in front of me with a scrub brush, mop up the dirty water with a sponge a couple of times, then scoot back and do the next line. Before you know it you are in the door way and your floor sparkles!
This way you can get a clean floor, avoid stepping on it after you've cleaned it, and you don't have to hurt your knees!

I think from now on I will do this. On a day I don't want to workout, I'll clean! There are lots of things you can clean around your house that will take a little work. Vacuuming, scrubbing floors, dusting, making a bed, scrubbing your bathtub!

If I can think of any other easier ways to clean specific portions of your house I will definitely let you know!

I will have to remember this so I can get a little physical activity and keep my house clean! Think about it, even if you spend an hour cleaning every other day you will be working out 4 days a week and having time to relax all the while having a fresh, clean and shiny house!

I hope this helps someone, I googled and did not find much to help my "house cleaning workout" needs.

Thank you so much for stopping by today I appreciate it so much and I hope you have an AMAZING day!

Pursue Disinfectant: http://psshop.mychoices.biz/pws/Shop/Shop.aspx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Health and Fitness: Yoga & Nutrition Journal

Hello everyone!

Today I used yoga sequences by Esther on YouTube.com, www.youtube.com/user/yogatic.
I did the first two parts of her Yoga for weight loss series, the first is visualization and believe me don't skip it! I never thought of closing my eyes and imagining what I would look and feel like if I were thinner. It was a great tool!
My hands and wrists for some reason (probably my weight) have a hard time in some Yoga poses, specifically Downward Facing Dog. Other than that, the 2nd part of the weight loss series was great. A little more fast paced than her beginner series, but great nonetheless!
I also tried my hand at relaxation, it was a lot harder than I thought! Especially since my back felt achy at first, but toward the end, all the tense, achy feeling went away! And my back felt better for it. So if you need to relax, try it out!

Secondly I wanted to talk about keeping a Nutrition/Diet journal. I used to always think I had to diet to lose weight, but really it's just eating healthier, you don't have to starve and you don't have to eat nothing but lettuce and celery and drink 20 gallons of water a day! In the past all a journal of what I ate did was depress me!
So I encourage you to start one! But don't look at it like it is a running tally of how much you fail. Take a good look at what you eat and just make little changes.
For example; I started to look at what empty calories I was blindly consuming. Soda is a big one for me, I love soda, almost every flavor or form with the exception of Diet and Mountain Dew. But I used to just drink drink drink it all day long. Then I realized that just by replacing my soda 'snacking' between meals with water and saving the soda for a treat with my meals, I could save a lot of calories that could give me a better rounded and more filling meal!

Another thing I have started doing is salads. You don't have to kill yourself trying to make lettuce and vinaigrette into a decent meal. I for one hate vinaigrette dressings! So, instead of eating something you don't really like, or spending way too much on expensive salad blends, buy heads of whatever type of lettuce you like, I prefer Iceberg. My husband led me to discover chopping iceberg with the proper knife rather than tearing with your fingers leads to more crisp and juicy lettuce! I don't know if anyone else was mislead in this fact but I was, so no poking fun!
When I make my salads, I make it something I like. I use light ranch, iceberg lettuce, natural, real bacon bits (about a tablespoon) and some shredded real sharp cheddar cheese (about 2 tablespoons!) To me, a salad like that is divine! My favorite thing on salads is cheese and bacon. You give me those two things and I will skip the croutons in a heart beat!
So there is a healthier salad for my tastes! If you like the healthier ways of making salad by all means, but this is what helps me!

I also make it a point to workout 5-7 days a week. I didn't want to work out today, so I did around 20 minutes I believe, of yoga.

If you don't have the time to write down your daily munching on paper, look for a good and well resourced online nutrition/diet journal. I prefer the one from Babyfit (sparkpeople). If you haven't had a baby or are not pregnant, you might be more comfortable with another journal because I believe this one is specifically tailored for those two groups. So it might be giving you more nutrients a day then you need for just you, whereas a pregnant or nursing mother would need them.
What I love about this journal is that you search for a food, select it and fill in how much of it you had and it calculates everything for you! You are able to track many different nutrients, calories, carbs, fat, even selenium and zinc! I have rarely had to add a special food because it has such a good library of foods out there. It also saves your foods that you manually enter for future inputting!
I highly suggest this journal.

So, in summation;

1. Make small changes they make a big difference!
2. Keep track of what you eat but make it a positive learning experience!
3. Workout as much as possible with whatever type of workout works best for your body!
4. Be positive! Look at it as getting healthy and eating things that are good for you rather than all the good stuff you can't eat.

I didn't mention this before but it is also a good idea to remember, healthy weight loss that stays lost happens slowly, so if you only lose 1 pound a week that's great! You just have more of a chance of keeping it off!
If you are a instant gratification junkie like I am, you weigh yourself every day expecting a huge dip in your weight. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way. So if you are weighing often and aren't seeing results or as much as you'd like, try to keep weighing to a minimum, about once a week. Or less often if it helps. The longer you wait the more chance you have to lose and the more you lose the more motivated and positive you will feel about the whole experience!

Positivity is a big part of weight loss, if you get depressed or negative about any part of your healthy lifestyle, it could go down the tubes tomorrow.

So keep your chin up and remember, you are worth fighting for!

I can see this entry is already getting ridiculously long so I will leave you with this.


Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it so much.
I hope you are doing great and have an amazing day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Nail Polish- N.Y.C & BORGHESE

I decided to do some reviews! Today at CVS I picked up two nail polishes, N.Y.C. New York Color series, quick dry in color Manhattan and BORGHESE in a matte color B280 Rasberry Sorbetto C.
N.Y.C. was $1.99 and is a beautiful dark plum color, it is glossy but not shimmery so it is pretty matte, it goes on great. Unlike a lot of the less expensive, dark nail polishes that would have steaks of light and dark color, this smooths onto the nail very evenly. Also you can get away with only putting one coat, this is what also makes it different than most less expensive dark nail polishes. Usually when I get a cheap nail polish it is very watery and thin and it takes 2 or more coats of the polish to get the true color, I don't know about you but that drives me bonkers!
So overall I would give N.Y.C. New York Color quick dry nail polish 5 stars!

BORGHESE was normally retailed for $7.99 the color I got was 75% off and it is a matte pink, not full matte but pretty close, it is a little less glossy than the N.Y.C New York Color. It spread pretty well and smooth onto the nail and didn't require more than one coat which was good. If I were to give it the time to dry and put a second coat it would look even better, but for those of us who nail polish dries very slow on, a second coat would take very long with this thick polish. So unless you have time to kill I don't recommend a 2nd coat with this polish.

All in all it was money well spent, I don't think I would pay full price for BORGHESE but N.Y.C was worth it! I definitely think N.Y.C will become a staple in my polish collection, especially with my budget. The New York Color quick dry polishes to be specific. With a 7 month old who is starting to stand, I need quick dry!

I hope this review was helpful.
Thank you so much for stopping by today I appreciate it so much! Have an amazing day!

Baby: I was cryin' till I met you!

My baby goes through many different sleep cycles, she rotates! Some days she will sleep from the time I put her down until 5 or 6am when daddy leaves for work. Other days she wakes up at 2 or 3am to get a bottle and then she will go back to sleep for me anywhere from 5-7am. Then other nights like last night, she slept until 7:53am! It was so nice to have uninterrupted sleep! I just wish it was every night!

It wasn't easy to get to this level, I lost sleep, I had to hear her cry. It was rough, I won't lie. I am not a fan of the cry-it-out method, in fact I hated it. I thought that people who used it were bad and lazy parents. But to be honest I think it was the best thing for my baby. She used to stay up until 11 or 12 at night when we went to bed and she slept in the bed with us because it was easiest and we were breastfeeding, I would usually sleep until 10 or 11am.
It took 2 nights of crying for 30 minutes. Then when she woke up at 2, 3 or 5am I would bring her in bed, slowly that was phased out and I don't have to bring her into bed until 5am if at all.
She now has a bedtime ritual, she takes a bath at 8pm, gets a story and some snuggle time with mommy while she eats about half of her bottle. Then I put her in her bed with the rest of her bottle, I might have to go in a couple times and pick up her bottle when she drops it. Anywhere from 10-15 minutes later she is happy, full and asleep.
Like I said, I didn't believe in crying it out, and I still kind of don't.
I would have never let her cry more than an hour. I don't think it's healthy for them to cry for too long or when they are very young. My daughter was 6 months when we started having her sleep on her own. Now she is almost 7 months and sleeping great by herself. My husband and I finally get time to snuggle at night while we go to sleep (something we missed so much!).
It's better for the whole family.
I think that all babies are different, some will do great, others will take more love and reassurance when learning to sleep alone.

I found naps also play an important roll, for one they are good for establishing good sleep habits! My baby used to only sleep after I nursed her, which meant she slept on me which was okay when she was a little baby but she got big fast and it became uncomfortable for us both. Teaching her to sleep in her swing or bassinet for her naps has helped a lot too. Now she will sleep for 3-4 hours for her big nap, and an hour or two for her small nap early in the day.

I found good nap tips on this site

I hope things I've said help someone, I know I scoured the internet when I was thinking about my baby learning to sleep alone.
Do what is best for you and your baby!

Thank you for stopping by today I appreciate it so much, have an amazing day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fitness: Yoga

Hello everyone!

Again I just had to share some of my new found fitness knowledge!

I have been a subscriber on YouTube to this channel for quite a while, I did a little bit of the pregnancy Yoga, but that's about it. I have been trying to expand my workout choices, so far I have found that I like Envy Girls, which I found on Hulu, Dance Fitness! by Emily on YouTube, and now Yoga (Yogatic) on YouTube with Esther.

I have tried Yoga in the past, it was a VHS tape that was supposed to be for beginners but it was quite difficult, and having an 11 year background in Martial Arts I'm not really a beginner in terms of stretching and balance. But it's not like that with Yogatic videos, she has a series of 3 beginner lessons/workouts and I have to say...they were great!
Granted some moves I couldn't hold as long as she did but that's okay! Everyday will get better, I highly recommend and encourage you to give it a try! If you keep trying you will build up the strength right where you need it and one day you'll be doing the poses perfectly and holding them for the full time!
Like anything, it takes dedication and practice to get good at yoga. I'm not great at it, but I definitely plan on practicing!

If you do all of her beginner videos you are looking at about 21 minutes of great beginners Yoga. Like I said, if there is a pose that is too intense for you, just do the best you can to get into the pose, you will get better with practice. I can't touch my toes anymore but I'll get there and you can too!

I really hope you choose to join me on my health and fitness journey! If I can workout every day and drink more water believe me anyone can! I know that is such a cliche' but it is so true! I am a soda junkie and I love Mcdonalds just as much as the next girl. I guess there just has to be a point where enough is enough. I want to be a little slimmer, and no amount of wishing will make it so, only good hard work and determination!

I am a size 22-24 and I am just not happy with that, if I can get to a size 16 I would be happy with myself. Then again, who knows I might get there and say "That wasn't so hard!" and push for more. That would be cool, but right now I have a goal and I will get there.

So just set your goal and come up with a plan to get there! For me it is working out 5-7 days a week, drinking more water and eating more salad.

Need some motivation? I suggest the book 'The Slight Edge' it will change your life! It's about life not just health or finances. (I'm not paid to promote this book I just really love it!)

I really think this post is beginning to run away with me so I better cut it off for today!

Thank you for stopping by today I appreciate it so much! Stay positive and have an amazing day!